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Choose Your Coach

Navigate your journey with the right coach by your side.

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Work with Norman

Norman is the high-contact coach for Strong Ambitions. He thrives from working with lifters who want to have a bit more of a closer coaching relationship.

Norman is a great fit if: are looking for regular video contact are looking to manage injury and technique love having debates and discussions

Work with Coach

Coach is the standard-contact coach for Strong Ambitions. He loves working with lifters of all backgrounds and has spent many years working with juniors and university athletes.

This coach is great for you if: are looking for regular coaching just want to get told what to do

...are on a budget or a student


Choose for me...

If you are not too fussed, or not sure, why not let us decide who you would succeed with?

Fill out the application form, and we will get back to you with the coach we think fits you the best.

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